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Our fun, friendly jogging groups are perfect for people who want to get active for the first time, or more experienced runners who want to exercise in a sociable, supportive environment.

About Us

Jogging For Everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run before; if you’ve recently had a baby; if you’re young or old; or if you think you’ll never keep up. Our Jog Leaders are specially-trained to help you reach your fitness goals while feeling safe, supported – and sociable!

Beginner sessions include a combination of gentle walking and jogging, with a gradual increase in jogging as fitness and confidence begin to build. Within 20 weeks of starting as a complete beginner, most people are able to run 5K (three miles).


Benefits of Jogging


Get outside in the fresh air
Explore your area
Improve your fitness


Manage your weight
Run away any stress
Exercise your heart and lungs


Make new friends
Build your confidence
Have a lot of fun

jogging sessions

A jogging programme to suit you

Our group is here for all of the Crawfordjohn and neighbouring villages.

So far we have members from Leadhills, Wiston, Abington, Crawfordjohn and Crawford. Can you add to our list? There are no age requirements and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you think you are. Our Jog Leader, Allan, and his band of joggers are here to welcome and support you.


Sessions take place every Thursday at 6:30pm from the Crawfordjohn Village Hall


We will put together a flexible plan that helps to get you started. The plans below provide a rough idea of the different sessions.


Our motto is, ‘we go at your pace and your distance’.

10 minute jog

  • 2 x 5 minute jogs
  • 1 minute walk in between
  • Great for getting started

20 minute jog

  • 2 x 5 minute jogs
  • 1 minute walk in between
  • Followed by 10 minute jog

30 minute jog

  • 2 x 5 minute jogs
  • 1 minute walk in between
  • Followed by 20 minute jog


Latest updates

Come Jog With Us!

Contact our Jog Leader using the form. You can also just turn up at the Crawfordjohn Village Hall on Thursdays before 6:30pm and introduce yourself. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We would be delighted to meet you.

Each session costs £1 per jogger with all money collected going to charity.

“I joined Allan’s sessions which took us from beginners level, to achieving 30 minutes of jogging by building up distance, effort and time gradually.  The pace was easy and relaxed and the group was incredibly supportive with all fitness levels and age groups there from primary school children to those who left school many years before!


I really look forward to Thursday evening sessions and love seeing new faces join us and enjoy its benefits.” Cheryl


Come and give it a try…………..what have you got to lose?”

Decided I would give running a go as I liked the idea of keeping active with my children. Impressed with how far we are able to run each week. Allan’s a great leader and everyone is so friendly.



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